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Hello! I'm Brian Tohill, aka Salty Elbows, aka Salty Carpentry, LLC; a Denver born artist and carpenter. If I'm not making weird abstract paintings, sculptures or drawings, I'm renovating something. I love to create new things, and come up with creative solutions to improve the quality of life. 

IKEA makes that easy and affordable, and after 10 years of installing most of the major brands, I still recommend IKEA with SemiHandmade custom fronts over any other brand. 

For 20 years after earning my BFA, I've sought jobs and partnerships that would provide technical skills and knowledge in order to become a one-man wrecking machine. Now I can do it all, but Kitchen renovation is where I shine; cabinetry, finish carpentry, tile setting and creative solutions come naturally to me. IKEA provides quality Blum hardware, drawers and frames with endless versatility, and SemiHandmade elevates it to the next level. If you are at the beginning phase and need help planning and prepping, or if you already have all the parts and you're ready for expert installation, I'm the guy. 

Please take a look through my portfolio, I stand proudly by my work.

Text me when you are ready for a legit upgrade. 


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